Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Edgewood Cemetery (440) 992-2344
Ridgeview Cemetery No Phone
Chestnut Grove Cemetery - No Phone

Road Department

Hours 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Week Days

(440) 997-9221

Service Department Director - Todd McGill

The Ashtabula Township Road Department is located at 2718 North Ridge Road East in Ashtabula Township. The Road Department has the maintenance responsibility for 33.46 miles of roadway. In addition to conducting road maintenance, including our street paving program; the road and administration department is pro-active in applying for Issue I State Funding. Our responsibilities include; repair and replacement of traffic signs, tree removal and trimming, ditch cleaning, mowing along the roadside three times per year, vehicle and equipment maintenance, marking street center lines and arrows, storm drain repair, birm maintenance, ice and snow control and removal, and roadside liter pick-up twice per year.

Our department also conducts Christmas Tree pick-ups after the holiday season. We provide the residents with two spring clean-up days where the dumpsters are available at the township so residents can bring unwanted household items for us to dispose of. They are usually held each year on the first and second Saturday in May. We post in the local newspaper the items that will not be accepted approximately two to three weeks before the event dates. Next we pick-up yard debris each Monday, beginning in May and ending in November, baring there is not a project in the works or pending completion. We finish each fall with leaf pick up.

The department consists of five employees, who share the responsibility of driving truck, plowing snow, operating machinery, maintaining equipment, and doing various labor duties. The road superintendent oversees the overall operations and assists when necessary.

In the case of an emergency during non-working hours the township residents can call the Ashtabula Township Fire Department Non-Emergency number at 997-4641 or the Sheriff’s Department Non-Emergency number at 576-0055 or the Ashtabula Township Trustees who will contact the road superintendent, when necessary.

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